About Us

Our team of experts provides risk management and receivables solutions to a diverse clientele through the United Kingdom.

We are often instructed by companies experiencing difficulties in effectively managing their sales ledger or as a result of a distressed situation. Our client’s value our experience and ability to implement practical solutions that add value and influence outcomes quickly and consistently.

Each solution we deliver will be unique to the circumstances surrounding that instruction, however, a brief overview of our services include:

  • Credit & Receivables Outsourcing
  • Aged Debt Reviews
  • Collection Strategies
  • Pre & Post Lend Verification
  • Lender Audits
  • Sales Ledger Recovery
  • Critical Trading Support
  • Ledger Valuation & Disposal  

We operate in conjunction with our sister company Cerberus Asset Management who provide integral support to ensure that our ability to recover a sales ledger is enhanced by either supporting ‘run off’ trading or securing and, where necessary, removing or replicating the books, records and computerised systems to protect the position of our underlying client.